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    • Hospital Fiber Net Work

      Modern health care system is moving in a more intelligent direction, medical resources needed to integrate information technology, patient-centered information systems are gradually improve, which requires more powerful information network to support. Optical Network Solutions Hospital hospital network system involves the patient's life, so high stability and security requirements, network equipment needs with reliable quality, high performance products; in order to meet the handheld device, also need to configure the wireless local area network. medical fiber optic networktechnical fe...
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      Community Fiber Net Work

      living standards of Chinese residents is rising, the residents to enhance community living standards also have very high expectations, the layout of which information systems related to their lives each level, district managers need to use all kinds of new tools to meet the increasingly rich application type within a cell. cell Fiber Solutions FTTB + LAN is "light into the copper," one of the major construction mode network transformation to meet the high-bandwidth service access requirements, save core and uplink data port resources, the end of the plastic optical fiber, optical fiber direc...
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      Video Monitoring

      Video surveillance is an important part of the security system, the camera can be divided into network digital video cameras and analog cameras, it can be used as acquisition front-end video signal. It is a precautionary ability the integrated system. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, networking and image processing, transmission technology, video surveillance technology has made great progress. Video Surveillance System Solutions The new video surveillance system will be traditional cameras to capture images for digitally encoding compression processing, transmis...
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      Intelligent Power Meter Reading

      With the development of science and technology, particularly in intelligence community, high-rise residential area, the traditional meter reading has not satisfied the requirements of residents. In order to effectively solve the meter reading charges exist many drawbacks, improve work efficiency, smart meter reading system would be the best solution. Intelligent Power Meter Reading Solutions POF plastic optical fiber smart electricity meter reading system focused on the short-range communications, low cost, easy operation, high reliability, and other characteristics, in order to extend ...
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      Wind Power System

      wind power system industry, including rectifier and inverter power electronic gate drive applications with major optical fiber, control and communication circuit boards, wind turbine control unit, status wind farm monitoring system and networking. Wind Power System Solutions wind turbine must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as storm or lightning, in these cases, a very important point is to ensure that the turbine fan monitoring system is designed to provide high voltage and high-current isolation, compared to optocouplers and other similar devices in the optical ...
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      Industrial & Robot

      "Industry 4.0" concept that is based on intelligent manufacturing dominated the fourth industrial revolution, or a revolutionary production methods. The strategy aims to take full advantage of information and communication technologies and cyberspace virtual systems - means information of a physical system (Cyber-Physical System) combines the manufacturing to the intelligent transformation. Industrial Systems Solutions plastic optical fiber have important applications in sensors, can be used to measure many different parameters, such as displacement, level, shape, color, brightness, transpare...
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    Core of intelligent network cabling technology

    In the early development of the company, product positioning is in optical communications end residential market, primarily in the field of fiber-optic broadband access, industrial control, video surveillance. As company growing, year by year, product line expansion, new product research and development of progressive developed to a high-end. Take advantage of our technical superiority in the POF (plastic optical fiber) communications equipment, will combine POF with all aspects of the art of fusion, can provide customers can carry data, video and voice communications products Trinity and communications equipment.

    Future technological innovation

    Guangdong ipt Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 2003, adhere to industry, academia, research, science, industry, trade and synchronous development, with innovative service models and sound system products, it has now become the only one to be fully self-development, production of optical fiber All communication systems related hardware products. A Cape collection development, production, sales and service as a whole, the project covers: chips, optical communication equipment, optical fiber communications test equipment, intelligent home, industrial control and automotive communications products, integrated wiring engineering design, construction; provide advisory services.
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